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Adore-A-Bull Olde English Bulldogs

Male-> Capone Jr.

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Introducing our Stud Adore-A-Bulls Capone Jr. of Joyful Acres

This is Capone when he was a puppy...






And here he is.  Capone Jr.  He has it all; Blue Fawn, big bones, great head, wonderful confermation, and most of all to us a absolute perfect disposition.  Our kids ride on his back and beat him up.  Our Brussels Griffons tug on his ears and bite at his heels.  He loves them all, but if someone we don't know tries to come in the yard it just takes a look and maybe a grunt and they will back off.  He is not a barker, if he barks there is something wrong.  He is not just our Stud he is our loyal pet and we wouldn't have it any other way.


From left to right...Sassy...Roxy...Capone.

Capone Jr. Daddy

Capone Jr. Mom